bangkok9imgBangpakok9 International Hospital is a tertiary private care hospital located in Bangkok, Thailand. We are committed to providing healthcare with world-class standards. The Bangpakok Hospital Group has a total of 6 hospitals within the chain, all under the same high standard of management and dedication to customer care.
Our specialist centers include; heart center, plastic surgery center, anti-aging center, aesthetic and skin center, orthopedic center, cancer center, rehabilitation center, dental center and and children’s center, to name but a few.

Only a 30-minute drive from Bangkok’s Suvamabhumi Airport, Bangpakok9 International Hospital is located a little south of Central Bangkok, in the area of Bangpakok, near the world-famous Chao Phraya River.
Bangpakok9 International Hospital has physicians trained to the highest International standard, operating with the very latest medical equipment. Many of our doctors trained medicine abroad, and have obtained the finest medical education from chulalongkron Medical School, the most prestigious university in Thailand.
This allows us to promote an international standard of healthcare at Bangpakok 9 International Hospital and earns us unconditional trust from our patients. .