pai_clinics13PAI clinic is located in the heart of Bangkok on Thonglor area, and it is considered the biggest clinic in ASIA.
It consists of three floors, the first floor where the evaluations are done, the second floor is the dermatology laser center, and the recovery rooms, and finally the last floor is the operations room.
At PAI we have around 5 top thai and american board plastic surgeons that are considered the fathers of cosmetic surgeries in Thailand with more than 30 years experience.

Minor surgeries are performed at PAI Clinic and major surgeries that require general anesthesia are done eithor in Chamillian Hospital or Piyavate Hospital under PAI plastic surgeons.
What made PAI surgeons so successful is the leadership of Dr. Preecha the top surgeon in Thailand and one of the highly skilled surgeons in the world. The leadership was brilliant by making all plastic surgeons on his team to have a standard technique (his technique).