It can be very, very frustrating when you work and work out and still cannot get rid of excess fat in particular areas in the body. It makes exercising and having a well-balanced diet pointless. However, there’s something that you can do that’ll solve your problem of unwanted fat, lipoplasty Thailand.

If you’re a person that suffers from having pockets of extra fat in certain spots of the body that cannot be removed by conducting exercise on a regular basis as well as control of diet is the ideal candidate for this surgery. In addition, to having extra fat, the condition of your health is also important. This means that you have to be healthy physically, realistic in your expectations and psychologically stable if you want to have lipoplasty Thailand. If you suffer from such medical issues, such as heart or lung disease, diabetes or have had surgery close to the area in which needs lipo then you’ll have higher risk of complications.

When you have this procedure done, you’ll be required to stay in Thailand for about 10-14 days, in order, to complete the entire process and have a full recovery after the surgery. You’ll spend one night in the hotel before your surgery. This will aid in keeping your blood pressure down and give your body the opportunity to adjust to the new environment. Seven days after the surgery there will be a follow up, which you stitches will be removed. Within these two weeks you’ll also have ample time to recovery before heading back home.

Of course, after you have lipoplasty Thailandyou can always stay in Thailand for a couple more days that way you can combine your surgery with a little vacation as you recover from your procedure. So when you plan out your surgery as a vacation you’ll be able to take your time to relax and fully recover from your procedure and enjoy some of the local culture and return home refreshed.

Before, you have the surgery there are some things that you must do, in order, to prepare yourself for the surgery. Two weeks before the date of the procedure you have to stop using tobacco products, drinking alcohol, stop any medication as well as vitamins. You must also fast, in addition, for eight hours before the surgery so this means you’ll not be able to eat anything on the day of the surgery.

You must also understand the procedure involved with lipoplasty Thailand, and the risk before you have the surgery. So it’s important to make sure that you do your homework and ask your surgeon any questions you have before the surgery.

After lipoplasty Thailand, there are some guidelines for post-operative care. You’ll have to make sure to wrap the area with a compression sheet for few weeks as to firm the muscles and to decrease swelling. The swelling that you’re experience will subside within one month and will settle within three to six months. As long as you’re committed to a healthy life-style the changes are permanent.