The Kamol Cosmetic Hospital in Bangkok, offers one of the best and successful sex change surgery procedures in Thailand. The surgeons of this hospital are offering a wide range of the surgical procedures from the 1st to the last stage of the gender transitions from male to female with wide range medical facilities and complete functionality. They also offer female to male surgeries and other normal procedures for non-srs patietns.

This hospital can offer the best aesthetically prepared to resemble actual female genitalia. The surgeons of this hospital performs uncountable gender reassignment surgery and combined cosmetic procedures per year. So, it is the best hospital to rectify the sex change complication of the patient. It is the suitable way to change sex through this hospital and feel a different life in single segment. The surgical packages can specify what are the services included and can outline among some other things, number of days that are included for the post treatment care at hospital, equipment that is available, room type, meal as well as medical tests at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. Any of the additional days that are spent in hospital ad optional extras are charged to patient.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital will arrange documentation in English required for the followup care in patient’s home country. Hospitals as well have the services to facilitate the claims from an insurance. These are some international hospitals & treatment centres with the dedicated services for the international patients.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, not just you will get the highest quality of medical service, however you can as well rest assured you can get most personalized treatment, and follow-up from the doctors on going basis. Thus, you may also have confidence in every step of Center’s medical services. Dr. Kamol makes over 100 sex change operations every year.