VASER © Hi Def ™ is a revolutionary new method of body contouring through liposuction – the so-called ‘Body Contouring’.It is based on the latest generation of ultrasound-assisted liposuction (LipoSelection © , VASER © ) and allows a ‘Body Contouring’ according to the individual wishes and needs of the patient.

For female patients the result is a harmonious and well proportioned body form which is a helps restore and tighten the muscles to make them visible again. In male patients you can achieve six packs and better defined pecs with this technique.

The goal of traditional liposuction is the deeper layer of fat to reduce the time involved and thus leaner to make the patients. Due to the high risk of dents and deformations is the superficial fat layer is a ‘taboo-zone’ and can not be effectively treated with a traditional liposuction.

VASER © Hi Def ™ allows a shaping of body contours with unsurpassed precision and efficiency to traditional methods of unparalleled way.

The system VASER represents a major advance over conventional liposuction or liposuction because it is a third generation system in the emission of ultrasound that allows regular frequency, which can be continuous or down according to each case in particular areas to be treated. Technology VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) was designed to effectively emulsify fatty tissue with a minimal amount of energy, achieving the desired result with little trauma to the tissue matrix. After years of research and development, body sculpting currently available ultrasound technology and surgical technique with tissue selectivity, designed to sculpt the body with precision and efficiency.

The precise handling of tissues, tissue emulsion selective and controlled, patented design of the corrugated tube are titanium, shape and style and the cannula exclusuva work together to achieve greater skin retraction , especially in the difficult patient (skin loose, sagging abdominal) and optimal results. Only the procedure Liposelection combines this technology is done with optimal surgical techniques.

* Fast fragmentation of fat with ultrasonic energy control.
* Improved efficiency with lower levels of energy than the previous generation of ultrsonido.
* The patented grooved probes dispersed to maximize energy efficiency.
Easy penetration of soft or fibrous tissue.
* Small incisions (3.5 to 4 mm)
* High degree of satisfaction for both patient and surgeon.
* Minimum or little pain expressed by patients.
* Digital display for precise measurement of liquids.
The advanced ultrasound technology VASER system is a efficient way to break down fatty tissue before removal, leaving practically intact nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. The patented ribbed scatter probes to maximize energy efficiency, working on various types of fatty tissue, from the most sensitive to the more fibrous.Patients present experience minimal bruising and pain is limited because the blood vessels and nerves remain almost intact.

Can treat a wide variety of fatty tissue from the fibrous areas that previously had little or no solution, as the back, torso, shoulder region, sacral, pubic area, upper abdomen, lower abdominal tenderness, adipomastia (breasts in men) to the most sensitive as the arms, inner thighs, knees, chin and neck. Because the diversity of VASER probes (varies according to each area to be treated) emulsify fat before its removal and require very little effort from the surgeon to advance to Trevar tissue, the procedure provides excellent control LipoSelection to delineate the body even during the most prolonged Procedures.

* Body smooth, precise modeling.
* Exceptional definition and refinement of body contouring.
* Increased skin retraction.
Interventions *. predictable.
* Less physically demanding for the surgeon.
* Treatment of various fatty tissues.
* High efficiency with little power.
* Minor bleeding.
* Bruising and minimal pain.
* Early recovery.