The decision to make the transformation from a female to a male is not an easy choice to make. There are a lot of steps and processes that one has to go through, however, on the decision has been made and you have gone through the required steps you can finally go on your to leading the life you were meant to live, and to make your transformation full circle, you should consider female to male Thailand.

In order, to be approved for this procedure there are certain requirements that you must meet. These requirements include, being 18 or over, but if you’re under the age of 20 you’ll need parent’s permission. If you’re considering this operation you have to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria and gender identity disorder or another associated condition. To undergo female to male Thailand you must have undergone a year of antiandrgens and/or female hormones, and have to have lived in the cross-gender role full-time for a year. Lastly, you must attain the approval from a psychiatric social worker, clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist is required.

This procedure has 3steps in order to complete the female to male transformation. The first, stage is conducting a subcutaneous mastectomy, hysterectomy, in addition, to an oophoretomy. Basically, the breast are removed as well as the womb and the ovaries. Stage two, involves penile reconstruction by using a sensate radial forearm free flap including a malleable silicone rod. Stage 3, is the creation of testicle implant, which can either be done with or without tissue expansion.

After the surgery is completed, you should be aware of the fact that there’ll be no sensation in the penis, the urine flow might leak, which will require many correction surgeries and most importantly the appearance of the penis will not 100% look like a male. All these things you should consider before undergoing female to male Thailand. Before you are released from the hospital to go to your hotel the nurse you show how to take care of yourself and prescribe some medication. In 7-10 days the stitches are removed and you’re all set to go home.

So when you travel to Thailand you should prepare yourself to stay at least one month to complete the surgery and recover. The great thing about that is you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your stay in Thailand and have a peaceful recovery before heading home. While, you’re here you’ll discover all the things that are offered.

Although, there’s a lot involved with female to male Thailand the result will be worth it. When you get ready to go home you’ll have the body that you’ve always wanted and be able to live the life that you desire, and Thailand is the prefect place to come and have your surgery.

After the all the preparation and the surgery, as well as the recovery from female to male Thailand you’ll be refreshed and renewed and ready to come and face the world.

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