As humans there are some things that we have no control over and hair loss is one of those things. The loss of hair can be a result of a combination of genetics, hormonal changes, and of course, aging. For some hair loss my begin earlier due to more severe baldness. Other reasons for hair loss, include burns or trauma. Having hair loss have a great impact on how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror. No matter what the reason for hair loss hair transplant Thailandcan restore it.

Hair transplant Thailandprocedure involves the resurfacing of bald areas of the scalp with hair. The plugs of a bald scalp are removed and are filled with plugs of scalp that contains numerous hair roots that are taken from the hair-bearing areas. The grafts take root into the locations and the hair follicles and eventually they will start to grow.

The number of the grafts that will be required and the length of treatment for you will be determined on the degree of baldness. In some cases, there may be a need to have several operations. You should be aware that using this technique may leave behind small scars on the donor sites, but they are not normally noticeable. There are also other options for hair transplants.

Scalp flap finder, is another option if the above is not for you. Hair transplant Thailandis preformed by the sides of the scalp, above the ears, and the back of the scalp is bearing hair. A long “flap” of the scalp that has hair is removed and is placed across the bald area to generate growth of hair. Included, in the treatment, portions of the bald scalp might removed.

The site where the hair was taken is closed by stretching the other side of the scalp. The procedure will replace hair across a large span of bald scalp. When the hair begins to grow, it’ll look normal and the scars are hidden in the hair follicles. Another, option is tissue expansion. In this procedure, there’s a tissue expander that’s inserted under the hair growth area situated adjacent to the bald area.

After a few weeks, the expander will cause the skin to produce new skin cells. Then there will be another operation to place the expanded skin over the adjoining area of baldness. You’ll be an ideal candidate for hair transplant Thailandif you have healthy hair growth in the back and the sides of your head. The hair that are found in these locations will act as the donor sites in which the flaps and the grafts will be removed.

When you have hair transplant Thailand, the procedure can take place in either the surgeons office-based surgical facility, hospital outpatient, hospital in patient or in an outpatient surgery center. To perform the surgery, your surgeon may choose to use general or local anesthetic, which is combined with a sedative that allows you to remain relax during the procedure, but awake.